It will be Fetterman vs Oz in the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race. With McCormick conceding to Oz, it’s about to be an even odder race than it was in the Keystone State.

We all can pretty well predict the Trumpists will be out in force to vote for Oz in November. We can also all pretty well predict it is about to be a crazy race. We’ll hear lies about voter fraud. We’ll hear lies about Trump losing the 2020 race. Lies and disinformation will run rampant. So far, the pattern for any Republican candidate has played out the same across the nation—not expecting this one to be any different.

What concerns me the most is Fetterman’s health. He had a stroke four days before the Pennsylvania primary. His campaign has stated he is recovering well. However, he has also delayed a bit getting back on the campaign trail to allow a little extra recovery time.

Winning the Primary was fairly easy. Fetterman had name recognition already as the current Lt. Governor. With early voting, many votes had already been cast prior to primary day. We will never know how much, if at all, the fact he had a stroke affected any voter’s choice after the fact. However, it should, and will, give pause for the November vote. Even if his doctor gives Fetterman a clean bill of health, will voters take the chance on him?

As a voter, a candidates health does come into play. I want to be sure my choice, should they win, will be able to at least serve out his or her term. I want them to be healthy enough to be at every vote, and to stand tall as my voice in the halls of power.

With the health of Fetterman now in question, is Pennsylvania now in the leaning right column when it should be leaning left? Will the crazy of Oz be enough to sway voters to vote blue? Should Fetterman bow out and then endorse, and then campaign, for the new candidate? Is his ego larger than doing the right thing? Is the need to increase the Democrat’s majority in the senate higher than his need for power?

I wish the best of health for Mr. Fetterman. It is my opinion he should stand aside to increase the odds in having the new senator from Pennsylvania be a Democrat. Will he do the right thing for himself, or the right thing for democracy? We’ll see…

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