You Know It’s a Good Conference When…

Not all conferences are of the same ilk. Some have you leave on Cloud Nine with so many ideas and strategies to implement right away. Others are such that it is hard to find something redeeming. Almost all I’ve been able to walk away from with at least thing I can use.

The ESEA Conference in New Orleans was the former.

Keynotes were spot on in terms of the state of education today. They discussed disrupting education in productive ways. Another gave concrete ways to build relationships with Black and Latino Boys. One discussed how speaking is cultural. The last keynote spoke about social class being dependent upon information.

The sessions were somewhat of a hit or miss, which is usual. But, I was able to find at least one statement or idea that will be useful. Several legal points, monitoring of federal funds, and the history of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge wheel and how the whole concept has been debunked. This last bit of knowledge was a little mind-blowing since it is used so prevalently.

So many ideas overall to the point my brain was about to explode on the plane ride home. It was so bad I couldn’t concentrate on the book I was reading. I had to get my notebook out to quiet the thoughts. Writing it down does help immensely.

I’m looking forward to next year’s ESEA conference. Sadly, the travel won’t be far or exotic like this year. It is being held in the convention center right down the street from where I work. Maybe 2024 will be farther afield.

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