Why Do We Keep Up the Fight If They Won’t

I’m reading Andrew McCabe’s book, The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump. Something he wrote has stuck in my mind. He basically said, and I’m paraphrasing, that when they have a high profile investigation, they treat the suspect and investigation differently, essentially with kid gloves.

We are always told, no one is above the law. This has become the mantra of the democrats, and has been so since the first Trump impeachment. From the actions of the Attorney General, the Justice Department, the Supreme Court, and Congress, we are all too aware that if you are rich and white, then yes, you actually are above the law.

This was emphasized and confirmed this week once the PowerPoint outlining the plan on how to overthrow an election, hold an insurrection, and hold onto power illegally. We know rich white people are above the law because no one has been arrested yet. It has been several days since this news broke, the evidence is right there, and still no action. Trump even admitted to obstructed justice during a TV interview this week and is still walking free.

The Justice Department seems to either be afraid, or inept, in arresting the accused. Which ever it may be, it doesn’t fair well for the Country.

So much has been done in plain sight, and yet, they all still walk free. The mainstream media doesn’t seem to care enough to report factually, none of this both-sidedness. Elected officials aren’t using their bully pulpits to sound the alarm and call out the Trumpists, the Republicans, and white nationalist terrorists each and every day. Even the President and Vice President aren’t using their bully pulpits to sound the alarm.

We are either all in this together, or we’re not. If the elected officials won’t stand up for us each and every day, but then expect us to show up at the polls to vote for people who aren’t invested in protecting us or send them money, it seems a bit one-sided.

So I’ll ask again, why do we keep up the fight if they won’t?

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