Are We About to Have a President Pence?

From news being reported, the lame duck is on his way back to Washington a day earlier than scheduled. Pence cut short his trip to Israel and is on his way back to DC as well. When an administration makes some drastic changes to schedules, it is a time of foreboding.

When the lame duck decides not to show up for his paid fans, those who fawn all over him, it usually means something is up.

Here are my scenarios for what is about to happen:

  • The lame duck is about to resign so Pence may then pardon the lame duck, and all of the lame duck’s family.
  • Someone in the cabinet finally wised up and is calling a meeting to bring the 25th Amendment into play to remove the lame duck due to gross incompetence and possible mental illness.
  • The lame duck is going to remove Pence as Vice President to appoint someone most loyal to the lame duck to oversee the counting of the Electoral College votes on January 6, to call some votes into question and not accept the will of the people.
  • Senate leaders have finally come to their senses and are dropping by to tell the lame duck it is time to resign (see first bullet for remainder of scenario).
  • The administration is about to put major pressure on the senate to pass the $2,000 relief fund bill.
  • The lame duck is going to attempt, or successfully call, martial law and enact the Insurrection Act in response to the Nashville bombing and acts committed by other white supremacists later today and/or on New Year’s (possibility exists). Elections then scheduled to be redone in swing states using ES&S voting machines, which various news reporting, are possibly able to be manipulated electronically, therefore the lame duck overturns the election results and wins.
  • The lame duck calls martial law, and the military, as one of last standing institutions, falls and obeys.

So far we have had a peaceful transition of power, a very messy one, but so far peaceful. Is that about to change?


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