trumpists Health Care Plan

For a good many weeks, and actually years now, we keep being told by the trumpists, they will release their health care plan within the next two weeks. You know, the one that will replace the current Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka Obamacare, that will be bigger, better, and cheaper.

It dawned on me this morning, we have their plan and have had it since around July 2017.

The plan has three parts:

  1. Keep telling us a plan will be released at some point in time in the future.
  2. Actively tell the American people they fully support pre-existing conditions, while actively pursuing the repeal of this section of the ACA, thereby effectively gutting the ACA.
  3. Appoint a Supreme Court Judge whom will vote to strike down the ACA.

Collectively, we the people, and the Press, have continued to think it would be a fully written bill, explaining what will and will not be covered in this new plan. We are still operating under an old set of norms; norms the trumpists simply do not operate within.

What this means is we are now woke to this fact. We no longer need to keep asking about when we will get a copy of the plan. No, we need to ask them how their current plan, as outlined above, will help people be healthy, how much we will have to pay, and when will it be codified.

The bottom line is, there is not plan to replace the ACA, just a plan to strike the ACA down, leaving millions without healthcare coverage. You know, what we had before, where if one was privileged enough to have a full-time position with benefits, you had insurance.

If you weren’t privileged enough to have a full-time job, then you don’t have insurance, and well, the trumpist philosophy becomes, “it is what it is.”

If you aren’t happy with, “it is what it is,” then vote! Vote blue up and down the ticket. Time to exercise your plan to vote.

We are all counting on you.

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