Dear Women: Time to Step Up Part 1

Example of why it is important for women to vote.

[Note: Picture added after original post was first published.]

Dear Women of the U.S.,

As I hope you know, an election is now less than two weeks away. We, yes all of us in the United States, need you to step up and vote. You aren’t the only ones who need to step up, but you are one of the most important demographics for this Congressional Election, aka Mid-Term Election.

Did you know more women lean Democrat than Republican? Did you know there are more women than men in the U.S.? Did you know if women would unite as one, women could truly reverse the downward trajectory of our country?

As a man, I know, unfortunately, men who consider women the lesser sex. As a man, I know, unfortunately, men who want to maintain their power in the workplace, at home, and in society. As a man, I know, unfortunately, men who believe they should be able to make decisions about women’s health for women. It is always hard for me to believe this thinking still exists in 2018.

The above are things I do not agree with in the slightest. I will give most of the credit to my mom, who is a strong woman herself, and the many strong women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing throughout my life, in shaping my thinking of the power of women.

As a man, I want to ask women, especially those who lean Republican, the following questions:

  1. Do you agree women are less than, as many conservative older white men believe?
  2. Do you agree women’s health issues should be legislated mainly by conservative men?
  3. Do you agree women should be paid less than a man for the same job?
  4. Do you want your own daughters to be subjected to the decisions of men who want, and create legislation, to keep them down?

As a man, my own answer is no to all of the above questions. As a father, I definitely don’t want conservative old white men making decisions limiting her health care choices, her income, or her potential due to outdated thinking.

Please, I plead of all women registered to vote (and I hope that is most, if not all, of you whom are eligible), to get to the polls and make your vote known. Use your power to improve our country for all women and future women, which will also improve the country for all men and future men.

Don’t let us continue this slide into the abyss.

You have the power, please use it!

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