Senator Warren Does Not Have My Vote for President

I have a lot of respect for Senator Warren.

She has fought for the needs of her constituents and the America people. She helped get the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau established. She has been a thorn in the current Administration’s side.

For all of this, she deserves a lot of respect. I thank her for her commitment to what is good for our country. Hopefully she will continue this commitment to the country.

However, I’ve often thought the question of whether or not she had Native American heritage a bit of nonsense, because in the end, does that make her a better person or a lesser person? Not to my knowledge nor to most anyone I know.

For me, she has hit a low and fell into a trap in taking the test, then releasing the results. This was not about her heritage, it was about her pride and to make the current Administration look bad—which this current Administration does all on its own.

Senator Warren sunk into the muck.

She has said she is the best candidate to take on our current president in 2020. The Reverend Al Sharpton recently said the president is afraid of Warren running for president in a recent interview with her on his MSNBC show. Before this incident, I would’ve agreed she was a great candidate, someone I could vote for in 2020, but not anymore.

The disclosure of her tests to goad the president is not what I’m looking for in a presidential candidate. I want someone who will focus on the president’s track record, the facts of his accomplishments or lack thereof, his driving our country’s reputation into the ground, the policies that are taking us back to the not-so-great past, not DNA results.

I also want a candidate whom will give concrete goals of how he/she will better the country and improve our reputation, his/her plan to accomplish said goals, and answers questions directly and truthfully.

Senator Warren can redeem herself for this voter. There is time. But not if she is going to continue to act in such a juvenile manner.

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