Millennials, Gen Y’s, Gen Z’s and Women: THANK YOU

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Last night may not have been a tsunami, but it was a wave. We now have a check on the current administration. Praise be, under his eye, blessed be the fruit, and hallelujah!

I’ve written prior posts (Hello Millennials and Y’rs: Time to Really Effect ChangeDear Women: Time to Step Up Part 1) saying the above groups were needed to save our country.

Last night, you came through, and in a big way. For doing so, I say, “Thank you! You did it!”

I know we didn’t win everything, nor did we win some races we really wanted, but in the end we did win.

Hopefully this election has given you the fever to continue voting. Even if your candidate didn’t win, there is always next time. If we all keep showing up at the polls, getting involved, and making our voices heard, we can only move forward.

I look forward to seeing you again at the next election.

We will still need you then.

Image source: Evening Standard

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