They Just Keep A Comin’

Having a vegetable garden in the back yard is a great thing. Not only is it fun, it can provide some very good fresh from the vine produce. The trick is planning and planting. Planning the layout of the garden, and then planting the seeds to maximize the growing season. I do plan and try to get the timing right, but it doesn’t always work out.

If you remember from last week, I had posted a picture of what I’d picked cucumber-wise from the garden. There were plenty! In fact, even after setting aside most for canning, I still had enough to give some to several neighbors and friends.

What I kept back for canning became more pickles. In my family, I’m about the only one who likes the bread and butter pickles. The rest of the family prefers Kosher dill pickles. Since I had already put up some of the former, I decided to try my hand at the latter. After previewing a few recipes on the Google, and in my canning books, I actually decided to use a Kosher pickle mix I had purchased at the local store. It had all the spices combined already, I just had to add several cups of white vinegar and some water.

After washing and peeling, slicing and brining the cucumbers, I had enough to make seven quarts worth of Kosher dill pickles. As I filled the jars, the mix smelled like it should, pungent and tangy all at the same time. It was music to my ears as the lids popped after their time in the pressure cooker.

As the jars began to cool, we ran over to the local orchard and farm, Beasley’s. Their fruits and vegetables have always been very good quality. I’d checked their Facebook page to see if the corn was ready. Not only was the corn ready, but the apples survived this year and it is pick-your-own time. I bought 26 ears of fresh corn, after contemplating a bushel. After seeing the bag, I decided we don’t eat that much corn in a year.

In the end, I was able to put up seven pints. As few as that seems, it will be about what we’ll go through in a year. I kept five ears to the side. It looked so good I changed the Sunday dinner menu just so I could have some of the corn. Needless to say, the corn was grilled in the husk and tasted oh so sweet. May have to go get some more for a dinner before they run out of it. I’ll grab a few ears when I go pick the apples.

I think I see some apple butter and apple pie filling in my future!

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