Still Roaming Free!

Another week and Trump is still free! I just don’t get it. It’s so frustrating and so mysterious. Why is this allowed to be?

More evidence was released this week due to court challenges and decisions. More Republicans (mainly those attempting to scrub their past), are condemning the taking of the classified documents. Court case or two judged against him. Several of Trump’s post on his social media company served to incriminate himself.

Why hasn’t Trump been arrested yet? In not being arrested, it appears to be the status quo, all kinds of investigations, lots of court appearances, and nothing. The impression it is giving is the FBI is weak, their are two justice systems, and the Attorney General afraid to do what is actually necessary not just busywork. Is the Attorney General afraid to

Is the plan to just sweep it all under the rug as if nothing has happened because it sure seems like it?!

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