Busy Two Weeks

Sorry that I didn’t have a post last week. Work travel again and was just tuckered out. A lot has gone on in the kitchen though over the past two weeks.

I’ve made my youngest’s graduation cake (and peanut butter cookies and brownie bites) for the Open House. They wanted pink icing and gave the okay for a geometric shaped cake. Their only request was that it not be a round cake. I made the cakes different shades of pink with either peach jam or strawberry jam between the layers. The top layer with the strawberries on it was colored blue, just because.

The Sunday after, I made macarons for a cookie baking contest at work. I won both for taste and for presentation; I have the certificates to prove it. My first baking contest and my first win.

Next up was a heart-shaped cake for Father’s Day. It was a strawberry flavored cake, with a layer of strawberry jam covered in chocolate buttercream icing.

And this evening I finished two days of canning peaches: peach jam, peach butter, plain peaches, and peach pie filling.

On Saturday I have another cake to make. We are having a combination grad party for several relatives who also graduated this year. Not sure what it will be like yet, but I do have a vision coming into focus. I’ll take a picture and share next week.

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