It’s Official! Now What? Who’s Next?

For the first time that I know of, a constitutional right has been taken away by the Supreme Court. There have been many unpopular decisions over the years. Many decisions that caused angst and divisions. However, those decisions were not overturned. One of my first thoughts was, is the Supreme Court now going to start taking away other rights, which Thomas has already said such out loud in the writing of his opinion.

He isn’t the only one out of touch with the nation, and the Constitution. Alito made a 1700’s legal reference in his writing of the majority opinion. You know, a time when women had no rights and people of color were still enslaved.

I’m not sure how you felt when you heard the news. I just felt numb, it was anticipated, but there was still hope that Roberts, as Chief Justice, was still leading the Court. Next I felt sad, because now my sisters, my nieces, my daughter, and so many of my friends were sent back to having the government ruling their bodies. Old white straight men once again have power over women, power they have been working to get back by hook or by crook. Shamefully, Barrett, who is not qualified to sit on the bench as stated by legal peers, put down those who share her gender.

My main feeling though was fear. Fear for women losing a constitutional right. Fear for how the women in my life have lost a piece of their independence. Fear for how the women in my life are being treated by men who think they know the health of those women better than the women themselves. Then fear for my own family structure.

If the court can take away a constitutional right of one sector of the American melting pot, then it can take away more. Thomas already said same sex marriage, contraception, and other gay rights need to be examined again. Will they stop there? Will interracial marriage be next? Separation of church and state? Voting rights?

This decision further erodes the respect of the court. It has increasingly been seen as ever more partisan, and less impartial. When a Justice (or three) go out on the road to tell us they aren’t being partisan, you know that is exactly what they are being.

Personally, I see abortion as a last resort. I’d like to see as few as possible. I also believe a woman, just as a man, has the right to determine what happens with their body. My personal beliefs do not grant me the right to tell, nay determine, how a woman chooses to take care of herself. In the case of rape, incest, or threat to a woman’s life, being able to obtain an abortion is a no-brainer. It is not God’s will that a woman is raped, a child forced to have sex with an adult family member, or a woman to die due to an issue with a pregnancy. Those are the Devil’s will and anyone with any sense at all, or who has read the Bible, especially Revelations, would recognize this.

So, what do we do now? Where is Jaime Harrison to let us know which state races to follow and which to donate? Where are the Democrats to codify a women’s right to choose? Where is the race to register to vote in November? Where is the leader of today to pull us towards action? Where is the media to say enough is enough?

I know what I’m going to do, what action will you take today to help regain and maintain constitutional rights?

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