Traveling with Coworkers

I’m on work travel as travel is being allowed again at work. It, as always, must be pre-approved and necessary, but we can get out with those we serve again. It feels nice, and has been very productive to do so.

Although one learns a lot of what the field needs in these travels and face-to-face meetings, it is the “road trip” that is also beneficial.

During the time at my current office, I’ve gotten to know my coworkers much better, and they me, while being stuck in a car together for hours on end. We always have our meals together, whether it just be lunch, dinner, or more. Our life stories have been shared, our aspirations, and often the trials and tribulations we have endured and overcome. These times have been great bonding times, and have led to better teamwork and caring for one another.

You all know too, when teammates are together for long periods of time, work projects and ideas are bandied about. Some of the best ideas and solutions have come during a dinner or a drive back to the office. Those conversations have lead to serving our education entities better.

What I’m saying is, if you have the opportunity to travel with your coworkers, do it! It can make a huge difference in office collaboration and caring of teammates, making for a better work environment.

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