Volume Six Has Arrived

Doesn’t that cover just have your mouth watering from the get go?

Ever since I saw the first volume in Costco, I’ve been in love with the Bake From Scratch cookbooks. They are a collection of almost all of the recipes from their magazine of the same name.

Although I know the recipes will be out at the end of each year, I still subscribe to the monthly magazine. It has other articles and tips/techniques that aren’t always included in the cookbooks. Having the collection does mean I don’t have to keep every issue of the magazine. I did used to save many of the monthlies, which I did for most of the cooking magazines which I buy or subscribe. That is until I decided to join their online sites to be able to search for, and watch short videos of, many of my favorite recipes.

The baking cookbook above, in all its editions, have brought me much joy in the kitchen. This arrival will help get me back in the kitchen. Work has been so busy lately, along with the many other duties I have on various committees I’m on, my time in the kitchen has been limited due to time and energy.

Look for more pictures and posts about the new recipes I am going to explore. Look out too, my neighbors and coworkers, you are about to have some treats coming your way!

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