Fitness Plus

One of the things I’ve been wanting to buy to sync with my watch has been an Apple TV for the basement. The Fitness Plus app, which I had previewed, syncs with the latest Apple Watches, which makes it easier to track progress and goals.

What I liked, and am growing more fond of, is the degree of flexibility with the various short work out videos. They range in lengths and degrees of difficulty. There are videos for meditation, HIIT, Pilates, dance, strength, and more. Some need equipment and others just need yourself.

As I’ve been using the videos for workouts, and I really like the dance ones, I’m enjoying them more and more. However, I’m also finding that I’m no longer a club boy. The ol’ body just doesn’t move as easily, or as fluidly as it used to do. Maybe if I do enough of the videos I’ll get at least a little of my groove back.

It is feeling good to move in certain ways, even if I seem to have grown two left feet. Not only to I get a bit of a workout, I also get to have some good laughs at myself.

Thankfully, both are beneficial.

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