Tis A New Seasoning

A few months ago while visiting family in Columbus, I wanted to visit a kitchen store in the Short North. I had checked to make sure the store was still open as I wanted to buy a new whisk. My goal was to buy another whisk like the one I had purchased there a couple of years ago—one of the best I’ve ever found.

Unfortunately, when I walked into the store, it had changed dramatically. No longer a kitchen store per se, it was more of a baked goods or ingredient store instead. Walking in just made my mouth water even as I was disappointed to know there would be no new whisk.

Since I was there, I had to walk around and see what was being offered now. Baked bread, ready made sandwiches, and small desserts were on display. There were a few dishes for sale, but much more expensive than I cared to spend. While in the back, there were a variety of sauces, pasta noodles, and spices to create a wonderful meal.

One seasoning jar caught my eye, which is pictured above. We are definitely meat eaters in our house. Grilling is one of our favorite ways to cook the meat. Sea salt is one of the spices we use the most. It was an ingredient that would make a nice addition to the spice rack.

Tuesday I finally opened the jar. Steaks were on the menu for the evening. Not knowing how strong the mixture was, I went a little heavier than I thought I had. The flavoring was fantastic, but just a little on the saltier side.

This evening I decided to use again on some pork chops. They tasted good, but definitely went too light on seasoning this time. That’s cooking sometimes though, trial and error until it works.

If you ever see the Paola’s meat seasoning, grab it and give it a try.

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