Planning Aplenty

I’m so glad I took this week off as vacation. I think I’ve been doing nothing but running around since Saturday, and I’m loving it, if anyone was curious.

It started with picking my mom up this past Saturday. My nephew (thank you Matthew) brought her to my sister’s new house. Meeting there was nice as it allowed me to see the new house she and her husband just bought and moved in to about a month ago. We all went out and had a great lunch at Delaney’s Diner in Reynoldsburg, where I had my first bread cone, and it was delicious (I’m trying to figure out how to make one now).

With my mom being here with us, I’m running her ragged with me. I think she has been to more stores and ran more errands than she’s been on for a long while.

We’ve been to Costco to get staples for her, and again to get staples for my brother. We’ve been to Fresh Thyme for fresh herbs and dairy. We’ve been to Bed Bath & Beyond for linen and brining bag. We’ve been to Walmart looking for shoes. We’ve been to Kohl’s to look for shoes and walked out with a new sweater and water glasses. We’ve been to Hallmark for gifts and cards. We’ve been to Walgreens for pictures. And, we’ve been to the butcher, twice, for pork chops the first time, and the turkey the second. Oh, and we’ve been to the farm for fresh veggies.

Here at the house, the new dinnerware has been washed and ready for food. The place settings are laid out. Napkin folding research has been completed with napkins ironed and on the table. Place setting names set by plates. Refrigerator cleared out. Recipes printed out and bookmarked. Plans in place for prep work tomorrow.

Starting the process. Finished picture to come later.

It takes a lot to put Thanksgiving dinner together. In the end though, it is well worth it to be around friends and family!

I’m thankful for many things, but most especially for the great people in my life!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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