Thanksgiving 2021 is in the Books

Tis a great Thanksgiving! I had several of the people who mean the most to me all around the dinner table. Then our three older children called us on their own volition to wish us Happy Thanksgiving. In a little while, we will be FaceTiming to see our grandson, and it will be the first time my mom gets to see her new great-grandson live.

The only thing that would have been icing for the day would have been able to have the entire family over for Thanksgiving. Hopefully that will be a possibility next year.

It was a long 24-hours. Papa Joe came over yesterday to help prep for the day. We sliced many a vegetable, a few herbs, and some orange peel. The items were bagged and labeled to make sure I knew what went with which recipe today. I also got the turkey into the brine bag yesterday with the help of the hubbie.

Papa Joe was back again bright and early this morning at 7:00AM.

We made his famous stuffing mix, then filled the turkey to the brim.

Throughout the rest of the day, I made some mashed potatoes, green beans, and gravy. The hubbie made sweet potatoes. Papa Rob and Joe brought cranberries, salad, and wine. Brooke brought wine. We all brought gratitude and love.

There is one tradition we carried forward today inadvertently. Each Thanksgiving there is always one dish we forget to set out. This year it was the cranberries. We put them in the refrigerator to keep cool, and then when it came time to serve, everything in sight went on the table.

We didn’t remember the cranberries until dessert was being served. So, it was served with dessert! All is well again.

It was a great day of food and family time!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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