Blurry Focus

There were several major stories this week. We had the verdict out of Kenosha. The trial of the men who killed Ahmaud Arbery. Another trial involving the planning of the violent white nationalist protest in Virginia. A book came out by one of Trump’s minions. Finally we had the President signing a true infrastructure bill and the House passing the Build Back Better bill.

In terms of news, it was a big week!

Unfortunately, what could have been a great week showing Congressional progress and the signing into law a series of policies to improve the lives of the American people, became a focus on negativity.

The media focused on how a bill passed just a few days ago hadn’t had any effect for the American people as yet. What a lack of critical thinking!

The media focused on a Trump lackey trying to reinvent himself after helping to foist Trump’s dictatorship aspirations upon us. Go figure since the media also helped foist Trumpism on us (and continues to do so).

The media focused on the trial of a vigilante who killed two people and injured a third. Someone who took a weapon of mass killing across state lines as a minor, but we are supposed to feel sorry for him. This coverage, and coverage of the past helped raise this person to pariah status with the extremists on the right. There was also a good amount of coverage on two other trials of extremists and what I would call racists in the south.

Then we had two stories that can uplift American society and standard of living. The media did almost nothing to extol these major accomplishments. They did state one bill had been signed into law, and the other had passed the House.

Their major focus though was on the cost of what was set in place for infrastructure. Very little mention of the benefits that will provide safety to us and help bring rural areas into the 21st Century. The Build Back Better bill passing the House was quite overshadowed by the stories of how pared back it had to be, the new cost of the bill, and how it will likely hit the wall of a certain senator of a poor state that would benefit immensely by what is in the bill. Again, little to nothing of the contents of the bill.

To me, this is a blurry focus. The media cares little about journalism. They care more about creating more divisiveness. Doom and gloom has always been more of a focus than good news. But at least in the past, credit was given where credit was due. We were at least told the cost of legislation along with what is happening from the bill.

I wish they would focus more on the latter than the former. If they did, I might be more willing to buy their products again. As it is, why bother?

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