Green Beans and Corn

I’m starting to get a handle on using the pressure canner. I used it again this past weekend.

We have a local farmer’s market, which is winding down for the season. Since I was out of town, I asked my husband to get a few things for me. One request was for 18 ears of corn. There had been plenty the last few times we’d gone.

Of course, the one week I want some ears to try canning, they are non-existent. My fear was the season had completely ended. I really didn’t want to buy the ears at the grocery store as it defeats the want of farm fresh.

In addition to the weekly farmer’s market, there is a large working farm nearby. They have a small market themselves on the property.

Thank goodness when I went late last week they had a plethora of corn. My 18 ears didn’t even make a dent in their stock. On the spur of the moment, I grabbed several pounds of fresh green beans, and a half peck of apples. Figured since I had the pressure canner out, and my stove will hold the water canner at the same time, I may as well can some beans, applesauce, and a little apple butter.

Friday was the big canning day. The previous evening, I had brought up all the materials needed as the whole day would be needed for all I had to do. The green beans had been prepped too as they would be done first.

If you’ve never canned, it is quite the process. Water needs to be boiled, jars stuffed, and then time in one of the two canners. The water canner is easier and takes less time to use, and timing is quicker as I just have to wait for the water to boil. A pressure canner has to reach the correct pressure point, then vented for 10-minutes. Then, and only then, can the weight be placed to build up even more pressure. Only when the pressure has built up to a temperature of 240°F, can the timing begin.

The time on the pressure canner allowed enough time to husk and cut the kernels off the corn, along with then peeling and slicing about 50-60 apples.

Let me just say my hand was very sore from working with so many apples at once. There wasn’t any way around it other than another day of work. Something I didn’t really have the time or inclination to do.

In the end, everything came together as always. Never heard so many pops of lids in such a short time. Each one is a little shock and a little joy all at the same time.

By the way, the apple butter is the best I’ve ever made. The addition of apple cider from the farm made a huge difference in the depth of flavor.

Went quite well on my slice of homemade bread.

P.S.—Made some zucchini bread as well. Interestingly, the apple butter went well with it too.

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