Ohio State vs Tulsa

Saturday is normally my day to write about politics. Today was just too good to delve into politics this evening, but don’t worry, I have my topic for next weekend already.

Late last night, I received a text from Jeff, a dear friend of mine in Ohio. He was asking me if I wanted two tickets he had to the Ohio State vs Tulsa game today.

My first thought was, “of course.’ Then I went into father mode. My youngest had a band contest today. This is their senior year, so there won’t be too many more marching band contests to see of theirs. It was then back to, but it’s Ohio State!

After a few minutes of deliberation with my husband, I decided to accept the tickets as an unexpected birthday windfall. I don’t think I typed so quick a text as I did to say yes. Now I had to decide who to invite to join me. My husband couldn’t go with me because someone had to get our youngest to where they needed to be, and to spectate at the contest.

The person who said yes and was available was one of my younger sisters. At first she actually said no, her day was full. Then she texted back about 30-seconds later to say she could since it was an afternoon game.

It was such a great experience! We got to see the Best Damn Band in the Land perform the script Ohio. See my friend Jeff. Watch an entertaining half-time show. Catch-up on our lives and our children. And, watch the Buckeyes win the game, 41-20.

There is nothing like watching the game from the Shoe. It’s loud and proud, and you get to experience the gasps and the groans live and in-person!

Thank you again Jeff (and Will) for offering the tickets to me! And thank you Lindsey for going, I had a fun time with you. It made for a wonder weekend and a spontaneous way to help celebrate the birthday month.

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