Apple Heaven!

Today was the big Apple announcement day! It has been a while since I could watch it live, so turned on the recording at dinner time.

Call me a nerd, but there were times I got the chills listening to the new tech and watching the little videos of possibilities! The sad part of the presentation was finding out several items would not be available until later this Fall.

The new Apple Watch was a given to get this year. My current one is several generations old. It doesn’t even want to update anymore to work with my phone (I don’t think the old and the new are compatible). The new blue color is melting my heart.

As an avid photographer, it is the camera that calls to me in deciding to upgrade my iPhone. Well, the camera is vastly improved on the new pro models, and can now do incredible macros. I started thinking how my flower and food pictures would look with the new improved lenses. Then, I wondered about the video quality in recording my daughter when she performs with the band. Maybe more close-ups?

So, my alarm is set for Friday. That is the earliest the iPhone can be ordered. Then the waiting game for when the Apple Watch will go on sale.

I love/hate these Apple announcement days…

Hate the wait🤨, love the products🥰!

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