So Much Space

My fabulous hubby made my day yesterday! I had mentioned a few days ago the Butler’s Pantry cabinet I had been searching for had arrived. It is a set of three smaller cabinets that fit together to seem as one.

Even though I had measured to make sure it would fit, it was off by one-half inch due to the baseboard lip. My hubby, handyman that he is, fixed it for me. He cut off a little bit from the legs of one cabinet. Now they fit perfectly!

Today I spent some time arranging things, deciding what to store in it, and moving things from one China cabinet to the new cabinet. Everything that needs to be moved has been.

After all the moving and arranging, there is still a lot of empty space. I told the hubby I need to go shopping to fill the space. He didn’t exactly jump for joy about the news.

For now, we have space to grow into. And knowing me, we’ll fill the cabinets to capacity in no time.

Here is the finished product.

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