Day 365

It is hard to believe that today marks one full year of blog posts. In the middle of the pandemic last year I knew I needed an outlet of sorts for the day-to-day stresses, and the celebrations. Writing has always been something I have enjoyed.

Although I had started the blog a few years ago, my posts had been sporadic. If I remembered it, when something was on my mind, or as a way to have my voice heard in some fashion, I’d write. 365 days ago I made a commitment to myself to write everyday for a year. Some days my posts were just to say I can’t write a full post today. Others were very long rants.

As my blog title says, frankbeingfrank, there hasn’t been a theme overall to what I’ve written—something the experts say is a no-no. But the blog was a public journal of sorts. What was happening for me that day is what I wrote about.

Topics have included politics (a lot of these), food, family and feelings. Some were read by just a few people, others did pretty well. I thank all of you who have read any of my posts, and an extra thank you if you came back for more, and extra extra thanks if you follow me!

I’m not quite sure yet if I will continue the daily posts, or if I’ll go to a different interval. I’ve toyed with creating a second blog that is dedicated to just food. Not sure what that might look like, but has intrigued me. A podcast is also in the back of my mind for a possible future endeavor.

Who knows what is to come. I will say one thing, I’ve enjoyed writing over the past year. It, and you, have helped me keep my sanity during some very trying times of the past 365 days.

Thank you again for reading!

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