The Big Buy

This morning, as per New York routine, I got up to do my early morning walkabout. I like it at that time because there are far fewer people on the streets. The lack of pedestrians and vehicles helps to get pictures almost impossible to get during the day. For this first morning, I decided to go to Central Park again.

I love walking through the park. It is peaceful, actually quiet, and full of interesting things to photograph.

There were also many flowering plants to see.

Then there are the rather ominous and scary looking parts of the park.

Sadly, there are also the depressing parts, the homeless. As I saw so many people sleeping on the ground or benches, I couldn’t help thinking about how the billionaires of the U.S., such as the Bezos, have so much money, they could end the housing problem of the city (and the country), but don’t.

Walking around today also reminded me of the feeling we discussed a little yesterday, which how the energy of the City is one of anxious joy. One can feel it in the air in being present in a post-ish Covid world. The feeling and energy of what the City went through the last year is still hanging in the air.

The morning was a mixed bag of emotions, but the afternoon was fun and good-feeling. A cousin of the family came all the way into the City to have lunch and walk around with us. We had a great lunch at the Carnegie Cafe, then went off to Nordstrom for a little shopping. The afternoon ended with us just sitting around the hotel room living room chatting. Jack’s time with us was short, and we are so glad we got to see him!

This evening is a sunset cruise to watch the lights come on from the New York Harbor. Should be a restful evening before heading to the Brooklyn Diner for dinner, and then an early night. It will have been a long, but enjoyable day.

P.S.-I almost forgot! The big buy was an upgrade in our timeshare. We bought a little more of the City today!

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