Back in the Big Apple

I love New York City. The love started a long time ago when I first saw the skyline on TV. Ever since it has been my little center of the universe. I’ve been to many other beautiful international cities, but the Big Apple remains my first love.

When visiting I always do a morning walkabout. New year, new post-ish pandemic, new routine. I did a walkabout with my husband and daughter this afternoon. We took a very nice stroll through Central Park. It was nice to see it in the summertime. All of my other visits have been either in the cold Spring or cool Autumn. For first time, I didn’t need a parka in being outside.

After checking in to our hotel, we went for an early dinner at Rues on 57. It is a restaurant my husband and I, and the two men whom I lovingly call my gay dads, have wanted to try, but never made it. I must say it was a pretty good meal. I had the 57 Sliders with truffle pomme frites, my husband had the Rue Burger, and my daughter had popcorn shrimp and pomme frites. We all had the homemade lemonade. Nothing was left on our plates when we left.

Afterwards, we walked over to the park. My daughter had never been. When she was last here, it was a quick day trip, the furthest north we got was Times Square. She, and my other children, got to see Central Park from afar and on-high, from the top of the Empire State Building.

Upon entering the park, we just started following the nearest path. There are outcroppings of rocks all over. They were the thing my daughter keep wanting to climb on. Her first rock climb was our first selfie.

As we walked around, it was refreshing to see the uniqueness of New York. The multitude of people. The number of different languages one can hear just walking a block or two. The artists selling their wares. And the joy of family and friends celebrating their birthday while dancing around a fountain.

All of us were taking pictures as we walked. Here are a few of mine.

At the end of the route, we decided it was time for a little dessert. There was a little bakery just off Columbus Circle. Our orders were passionfruit tart, mousse cake, and an apple turnover. All most delicious!

As the evening grew darker, and following a short respite to get a second wind, we headed out to Times Square.

Now it is off to bed as we have an early morning, and I still want to do my usual morning walkabout. Who knows, maybe my daughter will join me?!

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