Last Day in NYC

Today we say goodbye to the Big Apple. It has been a very nice visit. Excellent food, excellent conversation, excellent relaxing, and excellent sights. Plus, mission was accomplished, which was the Big Buy.

Here are a few pictures from our sunset cruise last night.

This morning I got up for my last walkabout. It was a little different this time as it was less photography and more thinking. I walked over four miles down Fifth Avenue along Central Park, and then into Central Park. It was interesting because there are so few entrances into the park after about 62nd Street. Another interesting thing was how many more strollers I saw the more north I went. Seeing so many more babies made me wonder if the rents were so much less the more north one goes, which makes some sense as the skyline changes dramatically in that area.

For the first time, I made it to the halfway point of the park. I had thought the big reservoir was closer to the north end, then I looked at the map and saw I was way off. The reservoir looks large on the map, but it actually seems larger in real life. Many joggers were taking advantage of the dirt path around it. Each time a jogger, or joggers, went by, I was reminded of the jogging sound on Wii Fit. Maybe that is where they recorded the sound effect?

After finding the reservoir, I started walking back to the hotel, staying within the park for the moment. I’m glad I did because I made a couple of discoveries. The first was to notice that it appears all of the bridges/tunnels in the park are all different in terms of shape, size, rails, or tiling. My second discovery was to find an Egyptian obelisk. I couldn’t help but notice how many of the newer buildings are our modern obelisks.

Here are a few more photos, and a video, I liked from the morning walkabout.

And my most favorite of the day. Reminds me of Love is Love, People are People, and Happy Pride!

Although there are a number of photos, it was, for me, a relatively light photo day (just ask anyone who knows me). It was more a thought walkabout. I came up with two calendar ideas—does anyone actually buy calendars anymore though—several blog ideas, and a little clearer path for my career moving forward.

It has been a great visit to NYC. I’m so glad we took the leap of faith, and a little risk, to come visit. I think we all had a pretty good time!

Until next time New York, see you soon!

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