Leaving, On A Jet Plane…

For the first time in 15 months I’m about to step foot in an airport. I’m not quite sure yet how to feel about going into the airport, let alone in an self-enclosed cylinder with 200 or so people.

Although being fully vaccinated, the risk of being around that many people for several hours is still there. After all, the vaccine is 95% effective. It’s the other 5% that makes it a little unnerving. Who knows about all the other people on the plane? Are they vaccinated? Have they been taking precautions? Are they asymptomatic? I know life is about taking risks, but this is a little different since we know what should, could, and would have mitigated it getting so bad. But, here we are, and at least appear to be on a drastic downswing in cases.

The plan is to take a double portion of Airborne, which I have taken religiously daily since last April. I will have my mask and a back-up, and I may just wear both while on the plane. Taking a drink will be done quickly and probably under the mask. Not quite sure about eating. Most likely I won’t eat on the plane, but will have to eat at the airport (if I don’t eat, just think Snickers commercial).

Hand washing, which was always a habit, will be in full force. It is the hand sanitizer that is the challenge right now. As a liquid, I’m not sure if I can take it through security; I’ll have to research the answer shortly. If not, I guess that will be my first purchase once inside the terminal, knowing it will be a throw away before returning home.

I love flying and have missed it dearly. It is just like everything else—going back to the office, seeing friends, eating out—there will be a readjustment in thinking. I’m sure there won’t be a panic attack, but there will be a little anxiety at first.

My saving grace is thanks to the President. I’m so glad he has continued the mask mandate on all transportation systems. At least most people will have them on even as I’m sure there will be the people I think of as lacking civility and empathy towards the well-being of others, the ones with the mask around their chin or only covering their mouths.

Thankfully, the joy of actually going somewhere has overshadowed the anxiety of flying. Finally, finally, finally, I get to go away for a mini-vacation, and if I get up in time, a few days of walkabouts!

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