Life is Good

It is raining right now and I’m sitting on the patio. The roof is a tin roof, which means the rain drops makes a very soothing sound as they hit the metal.

As I sit listening, I’m feeling blessed and content for many reasons.

We have a roof over our heads. Our family, and families, are healthy. Our grandson recently received a clean bill of health.

After a long year apart, we can start seeing our friends, whom have been missed greatly. I got a promotion. My husband had a great annual review.

My second set of parents are moving closer and it warms my heart greatly. The dog is in great health.

The flowers are blooming like crazy and the veggies are starting to grow. My cooking and baking are improving. We have the best neighbors one could have.

So, for the moment, I am content.

Thank you Mother Nature for the rain, and the universe for our blessings.

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