Has the Craziness Always Been There

This week we had a doctor testify there is metal in the Covid vaccines and cell towers are somehow involved.

There was a nurse who testified we were being magnetized, again by the vaccines if I remember correctly. She believed it so much she brought a key and a hair pin to show they would stick to her all over her body. When attempted to demonstrate it to be true, neither of her objects would actually stick to her. But, that didn’t stop her from acting as if it were true immediately after, even when everyone had seen what happened.

We have people who are believing their own lies. They believe the lies so much they believe the lies to be the truth.

There was a senator who asked a representative of the forest service if her department could someone shift the orbit of the moon, or the earth, to combat climate change. This is a sitting elected official asking a question in plain daylight with a straight face thinking this is a valid and worthwhile question.

The kicker to me, is people actually don’t care if they are being lied to as long as the lie being told aligns with their thinking. Even when they know it’s a lie, depending on who is telling the lie, and how big the lie may be, it is okay because the lies are helping to achieve a goal that is in-of-itself a lie.

This doesn’t even include the number of domestic terrorists shooting large numbers of people because they feel it is somehow justified. In their minds, because of some slight, such as being fired or broken up with, created justification to go out and kill as many innocent people as possible to what, make them feel better?

All of this is just plain whacked! Has crazy, or this level of crazy [this is not meant in the sense of mental health, but I do wonder if it might actually be a mental health issue], been with us from the beginning of time. Was it always there, just hidden or under the radar because we didn’t have social media, or newsrooms that are now more intent on having the most salacious story, because facts doesn’t matter when it comes to ratings?

Was it here, but we didn’t tolerate or promote it the way we do now? Did people with some sense in their head look at crazy and tell them to knock the crap off because it is such nonsense? Was it that people would actually tell someone they should be ashamed of themselves for spreading such poppycock?

When people of all of levels of society exhibit this amount of crazy, isn’t it time to put a stop to it?

I’m ready to enter a time when craziness is met head-on by straight talk, radical candor, and call-them-out reporting.

When someone asks a crazy question, such as can the forest service change the orbit of a celestial body, we don’t tell him we’ll get back to him. We tell him that is one of the most shameful and asinine questions we have ever heard.

When someone starts testifying about a key or bobby-pin will stick to them, because we are being magnetized by a vaccine, we don’t sit there quietly. An adult in the room should actually call for a mental health evaluation and have them escorted from the hearing room.

It is the being okay with being lied to, or some believing their lie is the truth, that will be harder to solve. When I person believes a lie, and is told, with evidence, they are believing a lie, it is very hard to convince them of the truth. Facts don’t matter, especially when it doesn’t fit their narrative. This last one is perhaps the most dangerous of all the craziness since someone usually isn’t willing, or isn’t able, to actually tell fact from fiction.

When fiction becomes fact, then we are in big trouble, and to quote Whoopi in Ghost, “You in danger girl!” And truly, if this is allowed to continue, we are all in danger!

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