Make a Fair Offer

It was a good day for a yard sale!

We had a neighborhood yard sale this morning. The weather could not have been better for a June day. It was a little humid, but that’s June for you.

Although the sale wasn’t supposed to start until 8:30, there are always some early birds. I was still putting things out when the first customers arrived.

Pricing was most interesting. Since we wanted to just get things gone, we put signs out that stated all fair offers accepted. This small detail threw people off. They were very reluctant to name a price. I guess they didn’t want to pay too much, and we didn’t want them to pay too little.

There was a great turnout. There was also a good deal of buying.

In the end, the big items were gone. The books that were left, which were all of them (doesn’t anyone read anymore?), Half Price Books took them all. The rest went to Goodwill.

Now to get ready for the one in September.

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