Another Graduation Party

It was another Graduation Party Day. My nephew also graduated this year; his party was today to allow as many people to attend as possible.

I hope he had a good time, as it looked like the rest of us did. There were nieces and nephews I hadn’t seen in a long time. Some of the nieces and nephews brought their boyfriends/girlfriends, whom I hadn’t had a chance to meet, or had a chance to spend any amount of time getting to know due to the pandemic. It was very nice to chat over the afternoon.

We had the usual fair of good food. Hot dogs, jalapeño sausages, and hamburgers. My sister made her always delicious potato salad and deviled eggs. My niece made her always delicious cole slaw. Both of these of which I need to get their recipes.

Potato chips is always a standard at our parties, along with desserts. My mom made her tasty strawberry pie with the sweetest of berries. I took my new recipe from last week’s party at the request of my sister’s boyfriend. Hopefully someone saved him one or two as he was called away for work and wasn’t able to attend.

For fun and games, corn hole was popular among the older people, bat-mitten was a little more popular among the younger kids. One of the nieces was also giving rides in the Razor, an all-terrain vehicle. The littlest kids seemed to enjoy that activity the most since she let them “drive” it as they went around.

Thankfully the weather cooperated. It wasn’t cold. Cool yes, when the sun went behind the clouds. At least it was warm enough when the sun was out. No frostbite today. I’m glad I was able to go.

Hopefully the graduate had a good time!

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