Now is Not the Time for Neutrality

I’m not sure if there is ever a time for neutrality when it comes to human rights and voter rights. Definitely not a time for neutrality when it comes to the spread of a deadly pandemic.

From a business perspective, and this is where my thinking has been lately, it doesn’t want to offend any potential customers. However, by attempting to be neutral, a business is still offending a high percentage of their customer base.

I say that because remaining silent is not really being neutral. It just makes an organization look either wishy-washy or complicit. To me, it makes more business sense to just come out and defend human rights especially, and voter rights in a democracy.

When writing one’s history and story, as a business, as a government, or as a person, doesn’t it make more sense to be on the right side rather than the side of suppression and oppression. I wonder, in 20 or 30 years, how will Coca Cola or Delta, Flynn or Giuliani, Republicans or qanon, be remembered? How do they want to be remembered? Whether in our history books, or the wider history of the world, how will they be remembered?

Do they wonder too, have they already done the risk factor, or do they just think no one will care or remember?

What I do know is, I will keep writing and calling them out for not taking action to stop the slide of authoritarianism, racism, and other -isms. If more of us do the same, we will prevail on the right side of history. If more of us continue to be apathetic towards it all, then we will see more acts of -isms, and be all the worse for it.

Make the call, use your words, make a difference. Be in it for the long-haul. Let’s help our country to fulfill the dream of being a beacon of light, a model of democracy, a place where all are created equal and are treated equally.

Now is not the time for neutrality! Now is the time for action!

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