A Time for Resting

It is always amazing how much energy we can have leading up to big events. The shopping gets done. The cooking and baking gets done. The cleaning gets done. And anything else needing done, gets done.

Then the big day arrives. We make it through the day. Our hard work is on display. Our guests have a good time, Our energy level is on high to ensure everyone is taken care of at the event.

The day after…well, the day after is payday. We pay for all of the energy we used, and overused, leading up to the big event. When we wake we feel pretty good after sleeping the night through. About half-way through the day, our body starts reminding us it may be time to pay the piper.

This is where I am right now. Did what needed to get done yesterday. Woke up fine and rearing to go this morning. At 7:00 this evening, the body started to remind me the piper had arrived to collect. It hit me all of a sudden and I had to bid adieu to my mom to head back to the hotel. I need to get my energy back for my nephew’s graduation party and the drive home.

After a Zoom call, I’ll be calling it a day. Sweet dreams everyone!

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