Graduation Party Day—Cake Worked

What a whirlwind 24-hours!

Last night was the graduation ceremony. Today was going around to the many graduation Open Houses. It was so good to see so many of the people who have been very important to our lives since moving back to the Midwest.

We were actually able to make it to several parties we were invited to today, and host the one for our graduate, plus have a birthday call this evening.

I had written about the food items being planned for our Open House. The new thing I thought I might try, I did. And, it worked! The following pictures are the process, and the end result. If I do say so myself, it all turned out pretty delicious.

Baked bread in a Bundt cake pan;
cold cut and cheese sandwich with Dijon mustard.
Cake lower layer.
Leveled off.
Blueberry compote filling.
Second layer added.
Filling in the space between the layers and holding in the compote.
Starting to ice the sides with chocolate buttercream icing.
Finishing the sides.
Icing finished.
Getting the chocolate ready for tempering.
The tempered chocolate after being set and removed from the mold.
Added a little piped border around the bottom.
Final spread: vegetable plate, cold cut sandwich-homemade bread, chips and hubby’s fantastic salsa with a healthy kick, peanut butter cookies-homemade, biscotti-homemade, and the finished chocolate cake-homemade.

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