Good and Evil

The Stand, by Stephen King, is one of my favorite books. It has intrigue, drama, and an epic battle between good and evil. In the book, as in so many books and movies, good wins out in the end. I, as probably with most of us, want good to win. Even when we are sure of the outcome, or have read the book or seen the movie before, we still go through the roller coaster of who will win in the end.

I’m watching the latest version of the made-for-tv mini-series of The Stand. Even as I know, at least I think I know, how the story will end. Regardless, good will triumph. But this is art, not reality.

In reality, and in the end, will good win over evil? I have faith it will. There are signs it will every day. And there are signs it shouldn’t be taken for granted it will.

Right now, it feels like evil has the upper hand at the moment. Covid is still out there. There are people who believe their rights outweigh the health of the world. So called people of faith who believe we shouldn’t provide healthcare, food, or shelter to everyone. People who believe it is perfectly acceptable to split and divide families. Leaders who do not value all lives nor believe in equality for all.

Then, there are signs maybe good will have the upper hand soon. More people are getting vaccinated and more vaccines are being distributed around the world. Volunteers are helping create and stock food banks all over the country. Health care enrollment was opened up to help meet the health needs of the people. Families are being reunited. Glimmers of hope against a darkness.

What gets me, and maybe most of us, through each day is faith. Faith that good will triumph in the end. Faith in a higher power, and faith in one another. Keep the faith of our collective inner good, and faith our collective inner good will be manifested.

Manifested to ensure good does triumph.

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