Second Shingles Shot

Over the past five months, I’ve had five shots. That is more than I’ve had in the last twenty years.

The tetanus shot was quite mundane. The first shingles shot was no biggie. The first and second Covid vaccines went off without a hitch, no real side effects other than a sore arm.

This second shingles shot though, it was the one that took me down. We got our second one yesterday as it had been more than four weeks since the second Covid vaccine. There was a certain time period to wait in between shots of different kinds.

Since there hadn’t been any thought of anything from the first shingles shot, I just figured there would only be another sore arm. However, no such luck.

Yesterday evening we both started feeling a little tired and a bit of the chills. For me it was mainly feeling exhausted, and then tossing and turning all night. Today is not much better, so I’ve done what I don’t do very often. I’ve done nothing. It was a day of relaxing with some reading, some binging on Clarice, some finally finishing The Stand mini-series, and a little cooking.

Now it is a couple episodes of Discovery, then I’m going to retire early. It is, after all, a school night and I’ll need all of my faculties in the morning.

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