Decision Made

As I wrote about last week, I had an interview for a promotion at work for an Assistant Director position. There were several of my colleagues, all extremely talented, along with myself who applied for the position. Today we received the decision of who will be moving into the new position.

The call I received was to let me know I had been chosen. It was a very excellent way to end the day. It was also a very sad way to end the day.

I’m ecstatic to move into this position. It will be challenging and it is a great team with lots of talent and creativity. Working with them will be a privilege and a learning experience.

The sadness is leaving my current team. I have enjoyed being a part of a close knit team, one where we care and help one another out without hesitation. Luckily, there are many things that overlap and will provide plenty of opportunities for collaboration.

My husband and I went out for a milkshake to celebrate. Once things are back to where we can go out to eat safely, we have a number of things about which to have a celebration dinner.

This is but one more event to add to the list.

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