Seeds in the Ground

Although it feels as if winter is still lingering, I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to get some seeds in the ground. Looking at six raised beds of dirt just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Earlier today I was talking to a friend about our gardens. She mentioned she had already placed several of her plants out. My early starts aren’t ready to go directly in the ground just yet. I have, however, started hardening them off to be able to do so shortly.

The weather is the factor right now. It had been too chilly to put them out at the end of last month as planned to begin the process. Now we are back again to chilly days and chillier nights. Hopefully by early next week I’ll be able to put the 100ish plants into their new home, and let them begin what they do best, grow.

The seeds I planted today are for beans, carrots, and lettuce. Luckily it also rained a little after I planted them, so they are off to an excellent start. As I was planting, I finally made the decision to stagger plantings. Early next week I’ll plant another round.

I’m not going to stagger all of the crops. Some I want to all come ripe at the same time to allow me to can the harvest. The rest will be part of our daily meals as they become ripe. I can’t wait to taste the first tomato from the vine—those are the best.

Now if only the weather would be just a little more cooperative.

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