Performance Task Day 3

Finally, we have a new faucet for the kitchen sink. The old one was very low, had a separate sprayer (which stuck a lot, meaning we got wet when least expecting it), and just didn’t work for me in the way I needed it to do. The new one is higher up so I can wash a big pan without hitting it, has the sprayer built in, has a super stream “bubble” for stubborn stuck food, and has a partner soap dispenser. I love it already. As I baked and cooked this afternoon, I found I was washing things just to watch it work.

As I sat down this evening to work on my interview performance task, I have to admit I wasn’t sure if I was going to finish. All day it has been on my mind, working to discover how to tie what I want to say into a cohesive coherent message. Yesterday a very close dear friend sent me a prayer. It was a nice surprise and one I read several times between then and this evening.

The prayer was answered. Even as I sat down in doubt, and stared at the screen, I just started typing and rearranging some of the words. As I did so, the words began to flow in a more confident way. The ideas and concepts began to come together as pieces of a puzzle. I was in my flow.

As I finished, I also found a way to include a piece that I felt needed to be in, but again, wasn’t sure how to incorporate that particular idea. An idea I believe makes the task more powerful and raises the presentation to a higher level. It will either work wonderfully, or not. Go big or go home, right?

Now I can concentrate on minor tweaks, and conduct several walk-throughs, tomorrow evening. It will also provide time to ensure the animations will work on my work computer since it is a PC and I created it on my Mac. There usually isn’t an issue, but I’d rather find out tomorrow to find a solution than on Friday during the presentation.

Thanks all for the well wishes, and especially for the prayer. One more night, in which I can practice calmness as much as I practice my words.

Since I will know everyone on the committee, I’m working through, and working to release, the insecurities of wondering whether they think of me in the same way after the interview as they do now.

Thankfully I still have time.

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