Performance Task 4th and Final Day

This evening has been a bit of a whirlwind. I’m going to visit my mom, other family members, and a friend this weekend. Since I rarely go empty handed, I’ve been rushing around trying to remember everything I want to take to her. I’ll also be stopping at Costco, so I had to remember to do a final check to see if she needed to add anything to the list.

I also had to finish my biscotti from yesterday. With the fundraiser this weekend for our neighborhood Social Committee, I wanted to make some of them a little prettier in hopes maybe someone would donate a little more due to presentation and the fact they have been dipped in chocolate. There were also some ripened bananas, just at the right point for banana bread, so I made a couple batches of batter before the bananas slipped over to the rotten side.

Then there is my performance task. I had forgotten to make sure it would do its thing on my work computer earlier, so I had to hurry to make sure it was all set to go. Luckily the presentation worked perfectly, and hopefully I can then get the correct screen to show as well at the right time. I often have so many windows open, it is hard to discern which one I need. My plan, which just popped into my head, is to close anything and everything I don’t need to help eliminate the clutter.

I’ve spent the last hour repeating, and repeating, and reading, and rereading, my presentation and my script. I’m not good at remembering everything I need to say, so I’ve written it all down. The challenge now is not to sound monosyllabic while talking through my points. I won’t try it with this presentation, but I’ve been wondering what would happen, in terms of vocal presentation, if I left off all punctuation. Would it sound more natural as my brain would not be processing the period as a stop or the comma as a pause? Maybe I’ll give that a try for something a little less important.

The final touches though have been made, the wording has been revised to a more even flow, and I’m within the timing I’ve been allotted. I may try to slow down just a little bit as I want to stay within a five-and-half- to six-minute range. This will leave a some time for a little question and answer.

Regardless of the outcome, my main goal is to remain calm, poised, and professional. I want to end the interview knowing I’ve done my best and that is all I can do.

In the end, that is all any of us can do.

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