Performance Task Day 2

Today I learned one should not use canola oil as a vegetable oil substitute in making brownies. It was an epic fail. The brownies would not cook through, would not hold together, and were, well, a mess. I had to throw most of the batch away and start over.

It was a little lesson though. An epic fail is not a show stopper. It is a learning opportunity. I can either shrug the shoulders to shrug it off, or beat myself up about it all evening. I chose to see it as a learning opportunity, then set about making a second batch. These are for a fundraiser at the Neighborhood Bazaar to benefit our neighborhood Social Committee. It will be our first fundraiser and first bazaar, so even that event will be a learning experience to plan for the 2nd Annual Bazaar in 2022.

In working on my performance task this evening, I learned how to do animations where an object floats across the screen to a designated spot. It is for a “dramatic” effect to help visualize the point I’m trying to make. The hard part was figuring out how to get them to fade “somewhat” smoothly so the object I wanted to hit home would then appear as the other objects faded. It wouldn’t do exactly what I wanted, but close enough to still make the point.

When I return to it in a few minutes, I’ll start adding my notes. I’m hoping the graphics part has solidified after having an idea form while reading a leadership book this morning. Hence the trying to animate, fade out, and fade in all at the same time.

My only worry right now, well actually there are two worries. The first is to get the presentation verbiage in order and coherent as it isn’t quite there yet. The sequence of thought is there, just not the words I want to use. The second worry is I’m going a little off script. My presentation does have leadership built into it, but not in the way the committee might expect. This will either be a good thing or a bad thing. I’m not quite sure which yet.

Back to getting at least my highlights in this evening. Time is ticking and I only have two more evenings to get it down pat. I’m up against a talented crew, so I need to knock the performance task, and the Q&A, out of the park.

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