Performance Task

This week may have shorter than usual posts.

I have a job interview on Friday morning, which should I be chosen, would be a promotion. I’m up against some fantastically talented colleagues, whom I wish the best of luck, as we all would bring different strengths and skill sets to the role.

This evening, I learned quite a few tricks within PowerPoint, such as different types of pre-determined shape clusters, merging shapes into a union, or causing overlapping shapes to “fracture” to allow them to be pulled apart in unique ways to tell a story.

The main presentation is together in terms of how I want it to flow with the main ideas. Now I just need to expand upon my main ideas, ensure I’m hitting the salient points being asked of us all, and brainstorm potential questions about the presentation. I also need to brainstorm some questions I may be asked to help determine why I should be chosen over my fellow applicants.

Now time to take a break and let my brain work through the next steps to pull it all together.

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