Finale Time

We didn’t watch RuPaul’s Drag Race finale on Friday. Then it didn’t load on the AppleTV VH1 app yesterday. So, today is the day.

It has been a very interesting season in light of Covid precautions. This has been one of the best seasons though in terms of diversity and a nod to Social Justice.

Gott Mik is one of our favorites. She has killed it from the very beginning and has just gotten better and better. Plus, her personality is so big and her vitality so intoxicating. You just have to love her.

Rosé is also a favorite. Her elegance and craft perfection has been a joy to watch. She is also a well-rounded woman as she can sing, she can dance, she can act, and she can tell a mean joke.

Symone has also been a favorite. There have been a few inconsistencies here and there, but her social justice outfits have been stunning. Her “Say Their Names” outfit was as breathtaking as it was powerful.

Kandy, sorry, but girl, she wasn’t a favorite. We were disappointed when RePaul saved her, and discussed it was probably because Kandy was part of a lot of drama. Her performances and outfits were a rollercoaster ride.

We don’t know who has won yet. My personal rankings are:

  1. Gott Mik
  2. Symone
  3. Rosé
  4. Kandy

I’ll know shortly.

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