Meal Planning

The dog woke me up before 6:00 this morning needing to go out. It was fine as I had already been awake for a while. I went to sleep thinking about an interview I have on Friday and the performance task all applicants have been asked to complete. This task was also what was on my mind when I woke up.

It was nice though in a way. There was a quiet about the house for a bit and I was able to read about 50 pages of one of the books I’m currently in the middle of right now. The book is on leadership development, which is a side project on my mind for work.

Rain was in the forecast, but wasn’t supposed to start until mid-morning. True to form, it did start about then, but I was able to beat it and got the yard completely mowed just as the first drops began to fall.

After a few errands, I was able to sit down and work to catch-up on my cooking and baking magazines. Part of the plan was to also plan out the meals for the week. I’ve been craving a meatloaf made with veal, so it is on the menu.

The other meals are coming from either new cookbooks, like Nancy Fuller’s Farmhouse Rules and Pasta Grannies.

When I had finished, I was in a relaxed state-of-mind. Interesting how just the act of reading and thinking about being in the kitchen produced enough endorphins to produce such an effect. I was in a flow because a couple of hours passed perusing the books and making the shopping list seemed like mere minutes.

Times like these make me wish I were independently wealthy. I could then plan lots of meals, perusing many many cookbooks, and not have another worry in the world. Either that, or wish I had a better business/entrepreneurial acumen to make it a business and earn what I do now (or more).

Regardless, it was a very nice day. Can’t wait to go shopping tomorrow to put it all into action. The tastebuds are calling and they are impatient.

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