We Ate Out!

When everything started shutting down last year, and we learned how hard hit restaurants and their workers were from the pandemic, we decided to continue to support those businesses as best we could. Two evenings each week, for the last 14-months, we’ve ordered takeout.

On occasion, for a date night, we’d go through the drive-thru, then eat in the car. For our 15th Anniversary, we had a little fancier take out. It was a little chilly, but we warmed the car up, took real silverware and lap desk, and ate in the back seat of the car. It was actually pretty romantic for what it was. We were to together, had our health, and no kids. Heaven!

Yesterday was our two-week waiting period after our second vaccine shot. It was so nice to know we are now at least 95% safe, and if we happen to fall in the 5%, we should make it through pretty well.

After some angst about eating out, knowing we would have to retrain ourselves to be okay without a mask when around other people, we decided we were going out to eat and sit at the restaurant. We didn’t go crazy though, we went to a place we knew we could sit outside, and most likely wouldn’t be too busy at the time we went.

Our timing and place of choice paid off. The winning choice…Chipotle’s.

There was a line inside. Most people had on a mask and were practicing social distancing. We ordered. Went outside. Found a table in the corner. Up wind. And took off our masks. In public! It was so freeing and so odd all at the same time!

But, we did it. Doing so was the first step towards being back to living a little. It will be a while before we feel more comfortable, and safe, to eat inside.

We’ll get there, just not today.

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