Bake from Scratch Vol 5

Today will be shorter because my new Bake from Scratch: Artisan Recipes for the Home Baker Volume 5 arrived. I knew it would be here soon as it was just released and I had pre-ordered it. It was a very pleasant surprise for the day.

Now, I have the dilemma of what to make first. Should it be the Brooklyn Blackout Cake? Blueberry Biscuits? Brioche Burger Buns? Or a Snickerdoodle Brookie (a mash-up of a snickerdoodle and a brownie)?

Since the cookie jar is empty, I think it will have to be a cookie to start off. Whatever it may be, I’ll post a picture on Instagram, as I believe I’ve decided to start using that platform again.

Happy Baking Everyone!

I’ve actually made a cake like this before.

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