Driven to Distraction

Ever had one of those days where something unexpected happens. Then, all day long it lingers on your mind to the point of being completely and utterly distracting, not being able to fully focus.

Something like that happened today that has just caught my mind in a whirlwind of the worst possible scenarios. It feels like those involved didn’t fully think through a decision to what the end point might look like. It was a decision made as an act of desperation, rather than a logical, at least somewhat thought out, plan-of-action.

Rather than looking at other possible scenarios or solutions, that granted, would require action and effort to solve the problem, along with perseverance and grit, took the stance of not having a choice. It was the easier, less work, solution for which there may be innumerable unintended consequences.

I always have to stop and remember those involved are adults, albeit young adults, but adults nevertheless. Sometimes there are things we need to learn the hard way. This decision today though could be one in which the hard way could cause them to be in a situation for which they are not fully equipped to handle, and could have potentially harmful mental and physical results.

So tonight I will worry, reflect, and pray, all while hoping for the best scenario and the results they were hoping to achieve.

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