A Free “N” Card?

Recently I’ve been hearing about a free “N” card being distributed. It seems to be a card that allows a non-black person to use the N-word. Should the non-black person use the word, apparently if someone gets offended, the card holder pulls it out showing they have permission to use the racial slur with no consequences.

This allegedly is a card one receives from an African-American friend. In receiving the card, one becomes an honorary person of color? Which, seems quite a bit odd, and offensive on so many levels.

As this has come up in conversation, several of us have tried to persuade, and sometimes are just blunt, in stating this is a bogus card. We’ve outright said no non-black person can appropriate, use, or say the word in any context.

I say context as one of the arguments we’ve heard is one can use the n-word if not used in the context of hate or as a racial slur. Apparently, if said in jest, in humor, in friendship, then there should not be any upset, again due to context.

Throughout all of these conversations we worked to provide the frame of why any non-person-of-color who uses this word makes it an offensive word, a racial slur. We’ve discussed why the word is offensive, and really if one isn’t black, the word should not tumble of one’s mouth. So far to no avail.

Has anyone else ever heard of such a card? How did this even become a misinformation and disinformation thing? Is it a ploy for a person to use to provoke a confrontation for amusement? Is it just something a white person made up to give themselves “permission” to use the n-word and not be considered racist?

I’m truly curious if this is a thing. Not because it merits any validity, but a wondering of why anyone would believe such a card exists.

What is going on?

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