Rainy Dreary Days

This morning when I woke-up to the sound of rain, my first thought was, “I should take the day off to just sit and read!”

It would be a great day to open the curtain, make a cup of coffee, pick out a book, and sit listening to the rain pelting against the window and the wind blowing around the house. Even better would be with the dog laying beside me and a nice fluffy lap blanket thrown across myself.

Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

But no, that isn’t what happened. I came to reality fairly quickly. Although I didn’t get to rock in the rocking chair curled up with a great book and hot coffee, I did get to listen to the rain against my office window and the wind howling while watching birds coming throughout the day to feed.

On days like this, I long for retirement (or a large winning lottery jackpot, whichever comes first), so I don’t have to be anyplace special at 7:00 in the morning. Where anything that may have been in the works for the day can pretty much be chucked out the window, and be spontaneous with how a rainy day might be enjoyed.

Someday, but that day wasn’t today.

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